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Dr. Joseph Desrosiers, ND, CNHP


A native of Haiti, Dr. Desrosiers completed his studies as an electrician.  When he entered the United States, he continued to work as an electrician as a means of providing for his family.  In 1994, he became ill and was later diagnosed with prostate cancer.  In search of treatment, he was introduced to a natural health practitioner who advised him what to do.  Within months, after following the practitioner’s protocol and making lifestyle changes, he no longer had prostate cancer. Doctors were amazed!  Upon his healing, he decided to dedicate his life to understanding the human body and to helping others achieve optimal health without adverse consequences.

For the past 17 years, that’s exactly what he has been doing.  Dr. Desrosiers has studied extensively with pioneers in this field.  Every day he learns something new about the human body.  He has a thriving practice in Irvington, New Jersey and a sister clinic in Brooklyn, New York.  He tackles every health condition from simple to complex and enjoys his work tremendously.  He believes the body is like an onion: there are always layers; when you heal one, another layer is awaiting attention.

In an effort to fuel his other passion, teaching, Dr. Desrosiers has recently begun an art of healing course.  He educates others on how to obtain healing and reverse conditions while achieving optimal health.  He wants everyone to live a happy and healthy life.  He is always willing to share his knowledge and believes that anyone who actively seeks good health will find it!

A husband and father, he also manages to volunteer his time and efforts to missionary work.  He visits Haiti a minimum of three times a year and provides healthcare, vitamins and supplements to those who are less fortunate.  Dr. Desrosiers exemplifies philanthropy!